Request for Graduate Credit

Use this form to request approval for graduate-level coursework as an undergraduate student. Submissions are sent to your instructor for initial approval and (if approved) then to Graduate Studies for final approval.

For additional information, refer to University policy or contact Eva Bachman.

Type carefully and use proper capitalization. This information, exactly as you type it here, will be sent to your instructor and to the Office of Graduate Studies.


Notifications for this request will be sent here. account strongly recommended.
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Planned Use of Grad Course

Graduate Course

See Schedule of Classes for course details.

Course listing formats vary. Based on your entries, you may see this class listed like:
- "ABCD 801A-001 LEC (12345)"
- "ABCD 801A: Class 12345, Section 001-LEC"


Use UNL Directory or NU Directory to confirm.

If the class schedule does not name a specific instructor for this course (for example, it says "Staff" or "TBA"), you are responsible for contacting the department to obtain this information. Requests submitted without a valid instructor name and email will be denied.

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By submitting this form, I certify the following:
  • I have consulted an academic advisor and I understand that this graduate course is in addition to my current undergraduate program, not part of it, unless part of an established accelerated program.
  • I understand that the inclusion of this graduate course in my future graduate program, if/when I am accepted into one, is subject to approval by my future graduate advisor or committee.
  • The information I have provided is complete and accurate, and I understand that errors may prevent or delay approval of my request.